How to Make Ghoul-o-Grams

When I was in high school, certain holidays meant you could send little treats or flowers to your crush or friends on a scheduled day during 2nd period.  Of course, this was before the days of everyone must be included so you learned your place in the pecking order pretty quick.  Anonymous gifts would sometimes come in amongst the few from your besties and you’d spend forever trying to figure out who sent it.  Well, Halloween time meant “Ghoul-o-Grams.”

Wow, those bring back memories!  My friends would write various hokey messages or sweet messages of sisterhood on them and I’m sure if I check a certain bin in the closet I still have the cards.  They are perfect not just for kids but big kids or co-workers.  Here’s what you’ll need to make yours!

Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops
White tissues
Black fabric pen or Sharpie
Halloween colored bakers twine

Take a lollipop and place it almost in the center of a tissue.

Fold it over.

Now it’s time for the twine.

Cut enough to be able to tie into a bow and attach the tag if you’re going to use them.

Give it a nice bow tie.

Using your marker, draw whatever kind of face you like.

Looks like a banshee!

Oooh…scaaary!  😉

Or you can go totally cute and don’t forget to attach a fun Ghoul-o-Gram note!

This is such a cute and easy craft, you’d be hard pressed not to get a smile from any recipient!  If you’d like to use the tags shown in the post, click below and download.

Click here for Ghoul-o-Gram tags

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    1. Aww man, they missed the boat! You’re right, they would make great party favors and if we get any trick or treaters this year, they’re getting one too! 🙂

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