Hello and welcome to Mrs Kringle’s Kitchen! If you’re looking for a place to learn to make tasty treats your family, friends and co-workers will rave about, you’ve come to the right kitchen! Food is a common thread that binds us all. There are often no better memories from our childhoods than the thought of Christmas cookie baking or that famous dish that Grandma serves with pride at a family gathering. When we bake or cook, we are putting that special ingredient of love into all that we share. Store bought is fine in a pinch but there’s nothing better than home-baked goodness and seeing people’s faces as they enjoy something you’ve prepared!  I love watching cooking shows but sometimes feel overwhelmed or watch dishes I know I’ll never make.  My hope is to bring you videos/recipes that you will love making for years to come and give you some shortcuts on how to save time.  There’s nothing better than turning a regular weeknight dinner into something special and no one has to know your time saving tricks you picked up here!

I wrote a little about the beautiful inspiration for starting this channel/blog here, and I sincerely hope you check it out.

Mrs. Kringle’s Kitchen features food centric videos that will take you step by step through some delicious recipes that you’ll love whether it’s the holidays or any day!   I’ll share classics from childhood past as well as mix things up with a modern twist.   I’ve been baking for many years and every Christmas, I have my “regulars” that say their holidays wouldn’t be the same without my cookies and treats. All of the recipes made here were donated to local nursing homes, firehouses and people in need of some home baked love. I encourage you to share the love should you find you have a few too many cookies in the cookie jar. Half the fun of baking is sharing!

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned baker, we’ll have fun together as we bake our way through the holidays and beyond! So pull up a cup of hot cocoa and let’s bake some magic together in Mrs. Kringle’s Kitchen!


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