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How to Crack an Egg One-Handed

I never really thought about my one-handed cracking technique being something that would get people talking.  When I started showing baking and cooking with eggs and cracked them into the bowl, many people would commment and ask “how do you do that one-handed!?”

Obviously I can’t give a proper step by step without a video, so check it out below to see my technique that gets me a 90% success rate of having a totally intact yolk cracking one handed.  When you’re getting used to it, I suggest using a bowl separate from your recipe until you get a feel for it.  If it doesn’t work out the first few tries, scrambled eggs for everyone!  😉

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    1. LOL, thanks! I never thought about it but so many people asked how I do it that I figured someone out there might find it helpful!

    1. I honestly never noticed I did it until people started pointing it out to me so slowing it down to see how I do it was interesting! LOL

  1. I’ve never tried that. Although my dad was a Chef in the Army (well someone had to do it hehehe), and he was a great cook. My dad cracked eggs with one hand also. Although I’ve never tried it… maybe it’s time. ~hehehe~ GET THE MOP!!!

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